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Todays Menu

**Carts are 2g for $55!

Cartridges - 85-90% THC - $30/1g or $55/2g

Flavors: (I)Skywalker OG, (H)Gelato or (S)Durban Poison


** Any PR Strain $150/Oz!

Private Reserve - $150/Oz, $80/Half OZ. or $50/8g - (H)Dog Face, (I)Big Mac, (H)Gorilla Glue #4, (I)ChemDawg, (I)Pink Panties, (I)Soul Assassin OG, (I)Blue Cookies 


Private Reserve - $45/29g, $30/15g or $20/8g - Mixed Farmers Trim Shake


**Any Mid Shelf $100/Oz!

Mid Shelf - $100/Oz, $55/Half oz. or $35/7g -  Alien Rift & Papa's OG


Earn Free Meds and Save Money!

To earn free meds, Simply use the Wholesale Meds Mobile Loyalty App on your smartphone with our driver each time you donate to get your Punch Card punched.

Then, See your Rewards below. Then click on the "Deals" tab above and take advantage of "Daily Deals" right now & save even more money!


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Punches Rewards Take
3 Punches Free Gram of Mid Shelf Flower
5 Punches Free Gram of Private Reserve Flower
10 Punches 2 Free G Flower or 1 Free G Shatter
18 Punches Free 8th Flower or 2g Wax or 1g Cartridge
30 Punches Free 7g Flower - Your Choice
35 Punches 2 - 1g Cartridges
55 Punches Free 14g of your choice of flower.
100 Punches Free oz. of Flower. Your choice!